The Most Important Features of an External Hard Drive to Consider When Buying

Computer hard disk uncovered

How to choose an external hard drive? With so many hard drives in the market, you will wonder how to pick the right one for yourself. Let’s go through the most important things to consider when buying an external hard drive. You will need an external hard drive for different purposes. Like backing up your … Read more

What Is The Best External Hard Drive?

External Hard Drive

There are many hard drives out there in the market from different manufacturers. Some of them are reliable and durable and some others are not so reliable. Some of them are high performing and some of them are not. Definitely you want an external hard drive that is reliable, durable, high performing compatible with different … Read more

SDXC Memory Cards Explained

128GB Lexar SD Card

SDXC memory cards are the next generation of memory cards after SDHC. The SDXC is developed to overcome the limitations of SDHC in capacity, speed, and performance. In a previous post, I explained the SDHC memory cards. You can read it here if interested. In this post, SDXC memory cards are explained to you. The … Read more

Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch SD Cards

Nintendo Switch Game Console

The internal storage capacity of a Nintendo Switch is not enough when you prefer digital games over physical ones. 32GB internal storage of a Nintendo Switch will quickly become full and you will run out of storage. There is a solution to this problem. Nintendo Switch supports micro SD cards. You can use a Nintendo … Read more